The non-majors organic lab is in 467 Noyes Lab (July 2005)
The non-majors lab will be moved to the second floor of Noyes Lab in space occupied by the Chemistry Library.(July 2005)
Before construction starts the student drawers in the bench on the west end of 467 Noyes Lab had to be removed because of the need to install an air duct through the floor. (July, 2005)
The first semester majors organic lab located in 250 Noyes Lab will move to the north east corner of the second floor of Noyes lab in space now occupied by the chemistry library. (July 2005)

Here is one view of the current Chemistry Library on the second floor of Noyes Lab.(July 2005)

This space will be converted into organic teaching labs for non-majors.

Here are more stacks in Chemistry Library on second floor of Noyes Lab that will become the new non-majors lab, July, 2005.
Part of the Chemistry Library, July 2005
Books and journals are being moved from the library to storage in preparation for the move to new space. (July, 2005)
This is the staff area in the Chemistry Library on the second floor of Noyes Lab (July, 2005)

This stairway connects the library space on the second floor to the stacks on the first floor.

The library space on the first floor will be converted into two new classrooms.