The Chemistry Learning Center

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Illinois

Tutoring Services

Walk-in Tutoring in the CLC

General chemistry teaching assistants are available to provide walk-in help with introductory courses from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday in the Chemistry Learning Center. This service is free for University of Illinois students enrolled in general chemistry.

Additional Tutoring Resources

The Division of General Studies offers this list of free tutoring resources available on the University of Illinois campus.

Chemistry Tutors-for-Hire

The Chemistry Learning Center provides a list of people who are interested in working as tutors-for-hire. The CLC does not verify the credentials of these individuals. The list is generated via a web form that is available to the general public. We suggest that you arrange meetings with tutors from this list in public places, such as a Library or the CLC, during daylight hours. Click to see the Current Tutor-for-Hire List.

Tutors-for-Hire Sign-up Form

Are you good at chemistry and talented at explaining difficult concepts to others? Add your name to the CLC's Tutor-for-Hire list! We ask you to fill out a short web form with your name, information about your chemistry background and contact information. Sign up today!

ACS Student Affiliates

Members of the American Chemical Society Student Affiliates also provide free assistance for students taking chemistry courses at the University of Illinois. Subjects and times are listed here.

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