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CLC computersThe Chemistry Learning Center offers study space, computers and software for all undergraduate students enrolled in General Chemistry courses.

Study Space

The Chemistry Learning Center provides a place in the center of campus where students can study Chemistry in an atmosphere conducive to learning. There is a fine collection of chemistry textbooks and exercise answer keys available for students to use on site. The Learning Center is open every day except Saturday.


The Chemistry Learning Center houses 52 networked computers for students to do chemistry course work with additional space and power supplies for using laptops or tablets with wireless internet.


ChemDoodle has been licensed by Instructional Technologies in the Department of Chemistry to support the creation of molecular drawings and is available for use by anyone with an email address.

As of the Spring 2012 semester ChemDraw is no longer available for undergraduate instruction on our campus and therefore no longer available via the Chemistry Learning Center website. We recommend the use of ChemDoodle or MarvinSketch (see also MarvinSketch Tutorials).

Mnova NMR Data Analysis Software has been licensed by the School of Chemical Sciences NMR Laboratory for use on this campus and here are their instructions for acquiring and installing Mnova.

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