Chemist's Tool Box

To help students in their studies, easy access is provided to the following tools. From our experience, these programs are used only if they are specifically assigned by the instructor. For example, one instructor assigns molecules for students to build in Molecules 3D. Printouts of the molecules with a student's name is accepted as proof of fulfilling the assignment. Organic Reaction Mechanisms is used voluntarily by some students attempting to understand mechanisms. But on the whole, we have not seen students use these tools as much as we would like.

Molecular Modeling: Students may use Molecules 3D, for which we have a site license, to help visualize structures. The same program is used in lecture some courses.

Organic Reactions: Visualization of the mechanisms of many organic reactions is facilitated by the use of the program "Organic Reaction Mechanisms" by Montana and Buell (Falcon Software)

NMR: To help students in their studies of spectroscopy, Paul Schatz's SpectraBook (Falcon Software) which features NMR, IR, and Mass Spectroscopy is made available.

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Figure 4

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