Multimedia Lecture Presentations

Multimedia Lecture Presentations, Figure 18, are used in first semester chemistry in sections taught by teaching assistants where there is no formal lecture. The purpose is to make sure all students receive the same quality of instruction, and the same information. When there are as many as fifteen different teaching assistants, maintaining control of the quality and the scheduleis difficult.

The lessons include basic concepts to be covered, and incorporate still images and video, Figure 19. In a variety of small classrooms not equipped with sinks or hoods, lecture demonstrations are not otherwise feasible.

In addition, there are many worked out problems, Figure 20. Teaching assistants can use only the problem, can show the solution, Figure 21.

Interactive review problems follow each topic. Students can work them as they would a quiz, in preparation for exams.

Figure 18

Figure 18, Index of lessons

Figure 19

Figure 19, Lesson incorporating video

Figure 20

Figure 20, Sample problem

Figure 21

Figure 21, Sample problem solution

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